Paris Application

BGC Charity Day will take place on Monday 11th September 2023.
Paris Applications must be submitted by Friday 30th June 2023.

On Monday 11th September 2023, Aurel BGC will hold its 19th Annual Charity Day to commemorate the colleagues lost in the World Trade Centre attacks.

Since 2004, we have supported hundreds of charities and we are proud to have raised over $200 million globally. Our Charity Day each year is a much anticipated event for all employees and partners of BGC. We again hope to build on the success of previous years and continue to make a real difference to many people’s lives on a day that pays respect to those we have lost.

We would be delighted for you to apply to be one of our 2023 charities, but before you do so please take some time to look at our Charity Day website where previous year’s videos and photos are displayed. Click Here

Aurel BGC Charity Day has evolved into an exciting, uplifting day! Celebrity attendance is extremely helpful as it substantially adds to the spirit of the day and ultimately drives the business. High profile personalities can raise significant sums by trading with our clients, raising millions for our charities around the world.

In these difficult times, we are staying true to our mission, whether it is creating community and rebuilding our lives after 9/11; or the aid we rendered after emergencies and natural disasters; or with the COVID-19 pandemic, we rely on the strength, commitment, and generosity of those around us to be able to continue our important mission.


Monday 11th September 2023
  • Laura Tenoudji
    Elsa Wolinski
    Antoine Dhuléry
    Marc Veyrat
    Leila Bekhti
    Julie Gayet
    Géraldine Nakache
    Josephine Drai
    Anne Marivin
    Appoline de Malherbe
    Manu Payet
    Camille Combal
    Carole de Maigret
    Colombe Schneck
    Gérard Saillant
    Jean Todt
    Patrick Timsit
  • Paul Belmondo
    Nelson Monfort
    Sylvie Teller
    Maeva Coucke
    Melody Vibert
    Camille Cerf
    Sandrine Quétier
    Adil Rami
    Nathalie Marquay
    Francois Berléand
    Véronique de Villele
    Philippe Lacheau
    Elodie Fontan
    Florent Peyre
    Joyce Jonathan
    Patrick Bruel


  • Who is Aurel BGC?

    Aurel BGC is the French subsidiary of BGC Group, a world leader in interbank brokerage and a recognized player in financial intermediation. Through its activity, the company contributes to the proper functioning of the financial markets. It is one of the oldest French stockbroking firms.

    What is Charity Day?

    Charity Day is held each year on September 11, or the closest working day, in memory of the 658 colleagues lost in the World Trade Centre attacks in 2001. It is a day in which we commemorate those no longer with us by raising funds for charitable works worldwide.

    How does the day work in France?

    Charity Day takes place in all Aurel BGC offices around the world, where personalities and representatives of associations with brokers meet in the Aurel BGC trading room. Before working hours, the associations will have time to visit the structure. The personalities are present for their association and are invited to participate in the activity by negotiating with customers by telephone. The day starts at 7 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. You are invited from the beginning until the closing of the markets, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • What do we expect from celebrities?

    We ask each celebrity/ambassador: TO BE A BROKER FOR A DAY!
    - Spend 1 – 2 hours with us
    - Speak on the phone with clients and take part in trades (guided every step of the way by our brokers)
    - Take part in interviews with selected media present on the day (if they are happy to do so)
    - Take part in internal interviews (please see our Charity Day videos for examples)
    - Use their own social media platforms to promote the Charity they are supporting as well as the BGC Charity Day in the run up to and on the day itself by tweeting, re-tweeting, following and sharing etc.

    What about the non-celebrity attendees?

    The Aurel BGC Charity Day is a fun day. In addition to your celebrity representatives you are welcome to bring along a small group of no more than three people from your charity. We also encourage charities with young beneficiaries to invite 2-3 families to join us for an action packed day. We request each charity to attend on the day for approximately 2-3 hours.

    How are donations calculated?

    Charity Day donations are made up of the total turnover of the day worldwide, which is then distributed to the benefit of the various associations. The distribution is determined largely according to the involvement of the association and its personalities who are involved. It is Aurel BGC’s aim to distribute the Charity Day donations within 12 months of each Charity Day by way of either cash or stock transfer.



Please feel free to include any additional (brief) notes to support this information
Your application should be completed and returned to us by Friday 30th June 2023.
Please send any additional information you would like to include alongside your application to the Charity Day team at, which should be no longer than 2 to 3 pages.