Aurel provides financial investment and securities brokerage services. Additionally, Aurel provides fully electronic access to digital and related ETP markets via its Aurel Digital Auctions platform.

Aurel provides agency brokerage services to an institutional client base including asset managers, hedge funds, family offices, market makers, and banks. Aurel’s Brokerage Services focus on:

  • – Cash Equities: Listed and Off-Exchange Shares
  • – Exchange Listed Derivatives: Equity Index, Single Stock, and Exotic Options, and Delta 1
  • – OTC Derivatives: Interest Rate Swaps and Options
  • – Fixed Income: Sovereign Bonds and Corporate Credit Cash and Index
  • – Digital Assets: Spot and ETF/ETC/ETN
  • – DMA provision

Aurel’s Corporate Services focus on:

  • – Debt Capital Markets: Listed and Private Placements, Bond Issues, and Capital Restructuring
  • – Equity Capital Markets: M&A and Hedging Structures
  • – Block Trading; Listed and OTC
  • – Distressed Assets