BGC supports the creation of a more transparent OTC swaps markets and provides market participants with a flexible, tailored approach to the electronic clearing and execution of derivatives trades.



On October 2, 2013 BGC’s subsidiary BGC Derivative Markets, L.P. launched operations as a Swap Execution Facility (SEF), consistent with the derivatives trading regulations under the Dodd-Frank Act.

BGC is excited to have welcomed in a new wave of derivatives transaction which promotes greater access to liquidity, efficiency, and improved transparency for customers trading by voice, hybrid, or electronic means under the new Dodd-Frank guidelines.

Asset Classes We Offer

BGC offers trading in swaps products subject to mandatory clearing, as well as swaps classified as permitted transactions. For access to the SEF Rulebook, products and regulatory filings, please click here.

Why BGC?

Experts in price discovery, order management and execution, BGC offers a customized, sophisticated hybrid solution that provides swap market participants deep liquidity, full transparency, and flexible and efficient solutions that are fully compliant with the latest regulations.

BGC’s technology and infrastructure includes fully-compliant execution methodologies such as anonymous Central Limit Order Book, name disclosed Request for Quote (RFQ) system, Intra-day Electronic Auctions, Indications of Interest, and Voice Managed Orders for Blocks and Non-Blocks. In addition, utilizing BGC’s platform, market participants have the ability to segregate US person/non-US person transactions on both GUI and API via instrument choice and contra-counterparty filtering.

BGC has been consistently rigorous in ensuring that its technology and infrastructure remain fully compliant with the latest regulatory stipulations and we believe market participants can benefit from BGC’s technology, which promotes greater access to liquidity, efficiency, and improved transparency under new Dodd-Frank guidelines.

For more information, including volume information, please visit www.bgcsef.com

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