Tales From The Engine Room

To do my job you need a thorough understanding and knowledge both of the financial markets and specifically STP, otherwise known as Straight Through Processing – which is a project I am currently working on.

BGC Partners is a global inter-dealer brokerage firm and I work in the e-Commerce department. I am responsible for bringing together the operations staff, development teams and traders at client banks with their respective counterparts at BGC. I’m out on the trading floors of different banks every day of the week and then report back to base in order to further co-ordinate their efforts.

My working day starts at 7.15am. Firstly I’ll log into a number of internal and external broking and pricing applications – ensuring that all
BGC prices are feeding through to our inhouse trading system. I also deal with urgent emails and make sure that the trading floor is running smoothly. If for any reason there appears to be a problem – I will refer this accordingly to the relevant internal helpdesk or individual. This ensures that any issues are resolved promptly. The fixed income markets often run attheir fastest on the opening
hours and so accurate delivery is essential.

I am responsible for the setup and addition of new bonds and BGC pages, as and when requested by traders. I then process the setting up of these changes on STP. The rest of my day consists of developing our STP solution with the company’s
technologists and ultimately introducing STP to our customers at the earliest convenience.

There is a great deal of liaising between technology and IT departments, brokers and traders. I am responsible for updating the traders and brokers on the progress we are making. It is about making sure that everyone involved is working towards the same
delivery date and helping to solve any issues that might arise. I liaise with banks across UK, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

It can be a stressful job at times. I have to wake up with the attitude that the day is going to be busy. But my job doesn’t just stop at 5pm. Most evenings I’m out entertaining customers. Outside of work I do as little as possible because I’mexhausted.
However, I will always try to find time go running,horse riding or to watch Arsenal.

Two years ago, when I started this job, I never imagined that my role would be as demanding as it is now. The challenge of meeting the demands of our business will continue to grow. Our clients’ needs are ever-changing. As most successful voice
and electronic trading platforms are aware, STP is a must for brokered trades. It is a standard method of broking trades now.

I’ve worked in the City for about 16 years – my brother, Fred, is a broker on the IPE (International Petroleum Exchange) and I have always admired his success in the City. My last job was in City recruitment – and that’s how I spotted this vacancy. It
was an e-Commerce/relations role and I thought, “I like the sound of that for myself, rather than a candidate.” I applied for it and the rest, as they say, is history.

To do this job you need a good education but more importantly it’s down to character and experience. A good solid financial
background of working in the City is a help. You’ve also got to be able to communicate one-on-one with traders when they are happy and also when they’re unhappy. Attention to detail, working under pressure, diplomacy, they’re all important qualities.

I grew up in the East End and my family used too own a well-known pie and mash shop. As to having a family myself, no, I’m having too much of a good time working at BGC Partners. The biggest reward of this career is job satisfaction; I get to work
with some really fantastic people and brokers. But the money’s not bad either. In a relations executive role, which is the position I am in, I came in at, you are looking at £30,000-plus as an entry level salary.