BGC Environmental Brokerage Services

BGC provides expert energy brokerage services and innovative carbon offset solutions to the world’s green energy markets, from transactions and financing to technology and consulting. For decades, we’ve helped clients worldwide navigate the complex financial requirements of their environmental initiatives, in the process contributing to reduced emissions and the promotion of renewable energy. Additionally, we provide real-time energy market intelligence that is essential to understanding regulatory and market changes that will impact your decisions and your bottom line.

BGC-EBS Services Overview

Our Energy Network, Your Advantage

BGC has developed long-standing relationships with entities operating in the global energy markets including regional and national utilities, competitive retail suppliers, energy developers, green power marketers, banks, private equity funds and other commodity trading houses. This advantage helps BGC clients in all aspects of their portfolio management including project finance, strategic advisory, up-to-the-minute market intelligence, asset trading and regulatory compliance.

You Choose How to Work with BGC

Our company is entrepreneurial, forward thinking and customer-focused. We help clients transact via electronic trading, voice, auctions and negotiated contracts, whatever is most convenient for your business. These are just a few of the diverse service offerings you’ll find at BGC:

Brokerage Services

  • Deal Structures (Futures, Options, Swaps)
  • Contract Negotiation / Origination
  • Procurement
  • Asset Sales
  • Clear Transactions
  • Risk Management
  • RFP Prep
  • Auctions


Financial Services

  • Asset Pricing and Contract Negotiation
  • Project Feasibility and Documentation
  • Energy Project Financing
  • Credit Approval Processes
  • Execute Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
  • Hedge Strategy
  • Technology Investments

Advisory Services

  • Asset and Project Pricing
  • Project Feasibility Assessment
  • Regulatory and Policy Consulting
  • Corporate Responsibility / Environmental Stewardship
  • Carbon Footprint Analysis / Reduction Strategies
  • Technology Solutions
  • Hedge Strategy
  • Equity Investment Advisory

Energy Market Research

  • Real-Time Marketplace (National, State, Local)
  • Monthly Market Prices Indices
  • Market Bulletins (Rules, Hearings, Workshops, Market Events)
  • Streaming Market News for Global Environmental Markets
  • Compliance and Regulatory

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BGC-EBS Markets

Expertise in Renewables, Emissions and Carbon Markets

The BGC team has extensive experience structuring and brokering energy transactions for a wide variety of environmental commodities. We help utilities reach renewable portfolio standards, corporations achieve compliance goals and connect sellers and buyers of environmental credits – all within a framework designed to minimize risk and maximize returns.

BGC offers deal structuring and brokerage of energy assets across the environmental commodities markets in North America and Europe including transactions in:

  • Emission Reduction Credits
  • Carbon Offset Credits
  • Renewable Energy Credits (REC)
  • Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC)
  • Agricultural Biofuels
  • Water Rights and Related Credits
  • Catastrophe Derivatives

Additionally, BGC serves all of the world’s principal emissions markets, including the Kyoto markets (CDM, JI and European emissions trading), the USA compliance markets, and the voluntary carbon market. Emissions trading is a core business for BGC, and we routinely advise clients on the following:

  • NOX and SO2 Allowances
  • California Carbon (CA)
  • Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)
  • Emission Reduction Credits (ERC)
  • EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)
  • Voluntary Carbon Credits or Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER)

BGC Environmental Brokerage Services provides an integrated set of services that bring environmental commodities successfully to market and help our clients manage their energy and environmental risks worldwide.

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BGC-EBS Brokerage Services

Comprehensive, Global Environmental Brokerage Services

BGC Environmental Brokerage Services maintains a global client base, helping them manage the financial aspects of their energy and environmental choices.  In North America and Europe this means providing professional brokerage services to the energy and environmental commodity markets, and elsewhere around the world this means bringing our expertise, money, and technology to projects that reduce emissions. Our goal is to provide BGC clients with a range of options to address their specific goals related to profitability, revenues, cost-savings and compliance.

BGC Environmental Brokerage Services include:

  • Structure complex energy transactions
  • Contract negotiation and origination
  • Negotiate pricing and terms
  • Procure and sell green energy credits
  • Conduct emissions trading
  • Coordinate and manage credit approval processes
  • Clear transactions to minimize performance and delivery risk
  • Arrange forward sales to finance green energy projects
  • Provide continuous and customized auctions
  • Develop project documentation
  • Prepare Requests for Proposal (RFPs)

BGC has offices around the world staffed by knowledgeable experts with diverse backgrounds in energy, finance and research. This global, yet local presence across the world, together with the unique experience of our staff, enables us to provide a level of service that none can match.

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BGC-EBS Financial Services

Customized Financial Solutions for Investors, Developers and Institutions

BGC provides innovative financial solutions that address the specific requirements of our clients in project development, energy procurement, energy investing and regulatory/compliance. BGC clients can be certain we are providing solutions tailored exclusively to their needs and objectives:

  • Secure capital for energy project developers
  • Assist with carbon credit financing
  • Negotiate Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
  • Ensure environmental asset sales
  • Facilitate hedge strategy execution
  • Advise equity investment funds
  • Guide market entry and participation

BGC clients rely on us to structure green energy transactions that solve a wide range of financial and environmental challenges.

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BGC-EBS Advisory

Strategic Leadership in Environmental Markets

Making long-term change in how we use energy and mitigating our collective impact on the environment is fundamental to what we do at BGC. Yet, it takes money to finance change and participation in the world’s capital markets.  It also takes tremendous organization and an expert team.

BGC has long been at the forefront of environmental markets development. We helped design all of the world’s major environmental trading schemes – market rules, methodologies, and standards – and we have been instrumental in transferring billions of dollars to environmental projects worldwide.

Today, BGC clients rely on us to help them with their business and energy objectives through strategic advisory:

  • Screen green energy projects
  • Conduct project feasibility assessments
  • Analyze environmental market credits
  • Provide renewable energy project documentation
  • Advise clients on risk mitigation
  • Navigate Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS)
  • Consult on energy policy
  • Develop CDM and voluntary carbon quantification and methodology
  • Provide technology advisory globally
  • Advise investment and hedge funds
  • Assist in corporate sustainability strategy
  • Integrate greenhouse gas and energy management strategies
  • Assess emissions footprints

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BGC-EBS Energy Market Research

Keeping Pace with Volatile Environmental Markets

Solid decision-making relies heavily on timely, accurate market data. BGC collects, aggregates and disseminates bids and offers, volumes, historical trades, and price trends to our valued client base and business partners. This data is invaluable, used by traders, compliance officers, financial officers, and others to make and evaluate decisions and continuously improve those processes. BGC’s environmental market research includes:


Whether you need up-to-the-minute pricing information, or a deeper look at trends impacting environmental markets, BGC is tracking the events shaping our industry.

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