European Power

BGC’s European Power team offers a hybrid mix of voice and electronic brokerage for the European power sector. Our focus is on connecting our clients to liquidity and creating an efficient market for energy producers, users and traders.

Opportunities in This Dynamic Market

The European power market is becoming more dynamic, as regulators continue to drive further liberalization and greater cross-border trading. Volatility is increasing across the curve. Meanwhile, traders are now operating within shorter time frames, which has meant that liquidity is more consistent, while prices are becoming more competitive.


The Benefits of BGC

  • – Driven, knowledgeable and highly ethical team with a strong focus on anonymity
  • – We work closely with our partners to create an efficient marketplace
  • – Offer a range of products such as spark spreads and dark spreads
  • – Innovative and forward-thinking solutions in a power sector that is undergoing great change


Contact Details

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7894 8616


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